Welcome to dynbox.eu.

We're a Dynamic DNS (DynDNS) provider! Our services will always be free of charge.
We can provide you with a dynamic hostname according to one of these formats
  • "<whatyouwant>".dynbox.eu
If you have your own domain that you'd like to make available through our services (either everyone or just yourself), we can take care of that too! Contact us and we'll help you!

We can also provide you with a whateveryouwant@<one-of-the-domains-above> forward email address (it redirects all mails to your address).


  • cool dns servers
  • cool server in canada
  • cool server in canada (we have two here)
  • cool server also in germany
  • cool api so you can change it on the fly (boot up scripts etc)
  • cool beans

Latest news


We will be closing our doors very soon.
We don't have the time to keep it up :(

Woo! Dynbox.eu is about to celebrate two years online!
So far we've served over 330 000 DNS queries (+200% since last year) and relayed about 25 700 e-mails (+300% since last year)!

NS2 and NS3 is back online!

NS2 and NS3 decided to both take a vacation, with two harddrives crashing at the same time. We're working on restoring them asap.

We had some issues causing NS2 and NS3 to be down for a couple of hours. They have been replaced with new servers.
NS2 has gotten a new ip-address so be careful on timeouts during the first 24 hours - Update: NS2 is rocking two ip-addresses now (old and new).

We've updated all DNS-servers in order to fix a bug, thanks to Jonathan for reporting it. Next beer is on us!

We're closing in on our first year online, and so far we've handled over 100 000 DNS queries and 7500 e-mails.
Let's hope you'll follow us into the next year!

NS2 and NS3 are back online after hard drive crashes, both running the rewritten and faster version.

We've updated the DNS-servers at NS1 and NS3 to a new, faster version. NS2 will be updated in the near future.